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Why Blue?

Blue corn is one of the oldest varieties of corn, dating back hundreds of years. Early records show the Pueblo Indian tribe utilizing blue corn at least as far back as 1540 when Spanish explorers discovered the region. It is believed that this type of corn goes back to the pre-Columbian era.

In comparison to its yellow cousin, blue corn is a more “floury” corn, containing more protein and health benefits than the average corn. We also happen to think its taste is superior.

In Mexico today, blue corn is a staple. High-end restaurants and taquerias turn to blue corn as their corn of choice. At Puesto, you’ll notice our exclusive use of blue corn tortillas, that start as organic, non-GMO masa that gets hand-pressed with love and care to order by our expert tortilleras.

Blue corn is much harder to grow, harvest and source, but we work hard to find the best and we’re willing to pay the price. We’re proud to be working with Masienda and their heirloom blue corn. It’s an homage to the cosmopolitan palate of Mexico City and to all the great taqueros before us.